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Hey guys!

Quick update here! ArenaNet has released a little bit of information about the new upcomming patch for January 2013 for Guild Wars 2, which is called Flame & Frost. We have talked about this update before, and it was believed that Arenanet was going to fix how the Fractals of the Mists work in the January update, but as of yet there is nothing being said about that...

What we DO know however is that there will be several things added to the game. New ascended gear for example. ArenaNet will add in 5 ascended infusions and 30 new ascended amulets to pick from. You can get these by completing the new and improved daily and monthly achievements in GW2. These will now reward you with a Laurel, a new item which can be used to buy Ascended Gear!

Also, guesting will be introduced, allowing you to play with a friend on another server without permanently having to switch to that server. This does mean however that you are not allowed to switch servers for free anymore.

Last but not least - the Quaggan Backpack is released! A paid novelty item which looks like a baby quaggan on your back :D

Oh, and something about a paid SPVP tournament ;)

Anyways - interesting stuff!

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