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Posted on December 9, 2012

Calc Build= ... xxVVoVqozb

See it in a dungeon here=

Well to start with this will be the last one for this build. I think I got it as close to what I envisioned. I wanted a build that was mass damage selfish and getting the job done. I had 2 earlier versions they did the job but both were flawed. The first was damage alot of it highest in fact. But it was like a flash fire impressive until blowned out. The second was a little less glass cannon and more cannon but still not quite there.

Ok now we have part 3 I managed to get all the pop of the cannon into a build you leave the glass out. I know some hater will be like wtf no didn't. But yea I did I went 30 Radiance 30 Valor 5 Honor 5 Virtue. We are completely going after crit and its damage modifier crit damage. This unintentionally has made Zeal a no point ever zone. I tried and failed to find a reason to continue using Zeal.

As par for the course I use Berserker armor all the time. My trinkets however are mixed for my needs. You can feel free to do whatever you like there. Main reason is now you are way over the critical quota. You absolutely need no more precision beyond the traits and base Berserker armor. You will be around 48-51% thats the line right there anything more is wasted stats.

Weapons you would use Greatsword and Sceptor/Hammer/1HandSword. The build is flexible for it all. I however would suggest Sceptor more with all the damage enhancing it hits really hard from range. Hammer will murder people in pvp and make you a aggro magnet in pve. I have not used this beyond one match in sPVP. At one point with hammer I 2 shot someone it was funny.

Because I included meditation in the build as dps and healing. Put together with the added defense from valor. You can now stay in there and heal while handing out the pain. I hope you guys enjoy it basically a Glass Cannon without the glass and all the cannon.