Register for the win!

Posted on February 14, 2013

It has been said guardians can no longer might stack it's not even worth doing Pretty much I'm going to tell you that is not the case. In fact I'll show you how high it can go in forced controlled tactics. Now you can't simply throw 20 stacks on some one's head it does work that way. First of all you need 15 into radiance for renewed justice. The reason for that is you want Virtue of Justice to renew every mob you kill. This leads you to getting on average 9 easy stacks if you kill 3 mobs around you. Not counting the etc. stacks you get from auto attack if you let it actually finish. Or if you have a might sigil which makes this all even more fun if it goes off.

So the plan is to kill everything around you fast spam VOJ and watch the stacks go to obscene numbers. Then either whirling wrath some things face. Or switch to hammer and smash down on it with at least over 10 stacks. But in dungeons you will learn how to manipulate it and always have high stacks. You can also use your save yourself shout and the shelter heal. In fact a tactic of mine is on purpose run into mobs with shelter on for free stacks or staff heals for stacks then charge into mobs with JI. Then shelter heals spam auto attack or WW for stacks.

This doesn't work as well in pvp unless you are zerging. Then you will have a lot of fun melting faces for a limited amount of time. That's about it folks you can watch the vid for to see me in action doing it. And I'll be showing another for fun build later this week. Remember this like my combo video is just meant for fun and make things interesting for you.

Works well with the Guardian Paladin 2.5 build here