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Posted on November 28, 2012

Hello all I'm back with a revamped build for all. Around two weeks ago I came up with a Guardian Paladin wow style build. Some viewed it as a glass cannon "can't possibly live" some said. Well they were proven wrong. But I was not satisfied with that build. It wasn't enough sustained healing for my liking and not enough defenses.

* So enter Guardian Paladin 2.0 version. In this version you have more defense, sustained healing, higher burst crits, and the ability to cancel 8 attacks in a row with skill. Does that sound fun and extremely good to you? Well let me start with the build ... 70z7kGL70V

* I went mainly with Berserker Gear that consists of Power, Precision, and crit damage. You follow that up with Runes of Divinity. What I have learned in this game is sometimes more is not more. What I mean by that is the absence of the power traits. Reason for that is after a point crit becomes more and more useless to you like in all games. It seems this game that happens around 45-50%.

* Without all but 5 points in Radiance I managed to get up to 45% crit. That is more than enough for what the goal of the build is. The zeal line outside of power seems a bit useless to me. I don't need a ton of crit due to the gear already having enough. That eliminates 2 trait lines you don't really need. Now granted with zeal you will hit harder but you will lose something else. This is originally what the first build was.

* A glass cannon that could heal itself and survive encounters. Now this is actually fun but at the end of the day too hard on you. So I made the choice glass cannon or be a cannon. What I mean by that is a tough build that can dish it and tank it. As well as heal whatever is around it and I succeeded in doing that. I learned a slight lesson in this game pve/pvp wise.

* I was at the point I noticed people dying long before I finished a combo. That was in glass cannon builds so you start to think. You realize you don't need all that radiance if they going to die that soon. So i scaled back and tested looked around. And I found I wasn't the only one who figured it out if anything I'm late. Thus the revamp if 1.0 to 2.0.

* This consist of 5 Radiance 30 Valor and 30 Honor 5 Virtue. I believe this is one of the best balances of power you can get. The purpose of the build is to be a dps monster and heal at the same time. This is hard to do without getting a nerve bat swung down hard on you. Below is the video walkthrough I even give several examples of combos and tactics. Enjoy feel free to discuss this topic have a good day.