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Posted on March 22, 2013

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Basically I have a method I go about making gold in MMORPG's. This really isn't just native to this game. You do have the aspects of this game in the video. It's simply because it's relative to the game itself. But what I'm trying as always to teach a mentality in my videos.

This method and mentality can't be nerfed. Because it's about smart work and time management. But as time goes on things evolve and so did what I tried to do. So I decided to respond to emails with my current method.
To start nothing's changed from the first 2 videos. I still do everything from those videos but now I've added onto it.

First How to video=
Second How to video=

1. I still try and flip gold which is hard now because of inflation. You will see in video just how much it inflated since the first video.

2. Bag space bag space bag space. I can't say how much this saves you time and increases your cash flow.

3. Guest Hopping I say more in depth in the video. But what it means is hopping servers to catch events. This is cool because dragon events drop on average 1g coin. Also the loot is variable to what it's worth. So if you do 10 dragon events 1g minimum per event in an hour. That's basically an easy 10g an hour. Also be kind and go after the low pop servers help out. High pop won't end well for you with overflow problems.

4. Don't forget old faith Orr events the karma train and the Karma triangle. I show where they are in the vid. But I'm pretty sure you have to know where that is by now.

5. Do the lower zone events and complete maps. Now this is just to break things up may not be as fast or valid. But it's fun sometimes and something different to do while still profiting on your time.

6. Just added you have guild quest farming. Help out other guilds help out your own for loot. It's easy and again a different beneficial use of time.