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I was told last week you know Storm you have never done a review of Gw2 or your actual thoughts. So I said well damn you know what I never have. So here it is my thoughts on the game what could help it what's hurting it. Here's a list of things I touched on feel free to input your own thoughts as well. You have no right or wrong statements here. It's all opinion and good to get out want and desires.

Community, World Events, Dungeon, Professions, Looks&Style, Combat, and PVP

I also touched on what could help the game more in depth towards the end. For example better social interaction because we have no urging to even do so at the moment. Also more server engaging world events that make the server react and do something beyond zerging. Better reason to do the normal dungeons being that they are almost all but abandoned.

Legendaries needs to be streamlined because even with help it's still too ridiculous right now to be worth your time. Finally the last two things more skills need to be added to the weapons and the means to switch them. And SPVP/WVW needs to mean a bit more than it does right now. A better carrot at the end so to speak we can run for. I went more in depth in the video but for those who don't wish to watch that is more than fine. Like I said above leave your views and comments hopefully something we say will get noticed and added to the game.