Register for the win!


11 months ago I did a video on the big dragons of guild wars 2. And how horrible they were to fight. Not because of the hardness to beat them. It was because they really didn't pose much of a threat. Well now things are going to change. Can you guys say foreshadowing King Scion?

Also showed off in this video is the lfg tool. Which got cheers and whistles in the audience. It's about damn time and let the fun begin. Another thing to note is Ascended weapons are coming. As well as the new magic find system.

As you guys know I'm all about being prepared. My best advice to you is farm exotics bags and hold them until after the patch. The reason for this is they may hold items we need. In the least they will hold blues and greens we can use for the new luck items.

So hold on to those bags they maybe your best friend.