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In this episode of So We Are 80. I discuss Ellen Kiel may win the Cutthroat election. Should Arena Net kill rng boxes of put actual percentages on them. And those percentages actually be valid. Queens Jubilee content in 5 days. So more living story content for us to consume.

Imagine if you actually got 4-5g per path in dungeons. So if you finish a all three paths say you get a bonus 5 gold. So in a total for doing a whole dungeon set of paths you get 20g. That would eliminate grinding beyond doing it for mats. Arena net seems to nerf most grinding. So why not put in a valid place to gain fortune? It also would revitalize a struggling area in the game.

Side note you know the Queens Jubilee right? Yea you do one thing comes to mind. "It's A Trap!"

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