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So we had a nice crazy week in news for the game. I will touch on it briefly in this video. But I will say here I was rather surprised in this week. Close to every weakness and problem I have ever pointed out. Was addressed this week and then some. A lot of things I seen the public say was too. But here's a small list of upcoming changes coming.

Ascended Gear Progression
New Skill and Traits
Champion Rewards Revisted
Dungeon Rewards Redone
Crafting Expanded to 500 skill
Ability to craft Ascended Gear
Ability to craft Precursors
Legendaries More Streamlined
Account Wide Magic Find

Just a few of the things I touched on. I gotta say i'm shocked and happy. All the things we have been extremely harsh on Anet for. Majority got addressed in Colin's latest interviews. Now let's be realistic he just "said" these things they aren't in game yet. But if they pull it off a lot that's wrong will be a thing of the past.

Now if only we can get some super WvW patches :)

You can get the full list of up and coming changes here