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* So the box is back and nope not Xbox. Super Adventure Box is more then likely the most popular Guild Wars 2 content. It's weird to say that but it is. Here's a look at it and prepping for it. As well as the ascended weapons also coming.

* i would say get practice in the old Adventure zones. But you can no longer go in there. Or atleast I couldn't when I tried in this video. So you can watch old videos if you're new to this content.

* Farm up your money that shouldn't be hard these days. Remember we will get new mats to farm I bet. So our current stuff might not be much use. So the best bet in this case is farm money. To be able to easily afford any inflated new mats prices.

* For example what if a single mat is going for 1-3g a piece. That has happen in the past. The price falls quickly due to zerg selling. But it will still hover around 50 silver to 1gold and 50 silver. You just want to be prepared for that.

* This was a short weekly episode. Quite frankly we had nothing to really say. Other then the nice birthday gift for all our alts we got. :) Be legendary