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We have some nice content to have fun with now. Magic find is easier then ever to take on. The new ascended weapons are awesome looking. And not as hard to get ahold of as people are making them to be.

I basically show you guys how to get one and farm for one. As well as the new gold making trends. It may look daunting at first to make a ascended weapon. But it's really not that hard. All you need to do is simply play the game. Most if not all the mats come to you directly by simply playing.

With that said it's not a cup cake picnic and boom sexy new weapon. You will need to far and farm a lot. If you want to be the new resident bad ass on the block

Mats For a Ascended Greatsword
20 Pile of Crystaline dust
370 Thermocatalytic Reagent
1 Augur crystal
10 Dark matter
500 Pile of Bloodstone Dust
500 Emperyal Shard
500 Dragonite Ore
180 Iron Ingot
90 Steel Ingot
180 Darksteel Ingot
450 Mithril Ingot
12 Globs of Ectoplasm
60 Soft Wood Plank
60 Seasoned Wood Plank
60 Hard Wood Plank
150 Elder Wood Plank
1 Exotic Inscription
30 Obsidian Shard

The above is what you need think you got what it takes?

Intro Fractal's Play Hard Remix=