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I wanted to do a quick show on the latest content. Things I discussed in this video episode:
New Mini's
New Finishing Moves
October 1st Marks the arrival of Twilight Assault a new dungeon
Tequatl is a team raid and not impossible

As for the Twilight Assault I always wanted more of the Nightmare Court. And I definitely want to pimp smack Scarlet somewhere. She is a rather annoying enemy.
Also I wanted to touch on Tequatl complaining. It should not be nerfed it will be sad if it is. I've been in successful attempts. And I have been in bad attempts.

The difference honestly is the winners worked together. And people listen to orders and played well. The losers had trolls complaining and no sense of direction. Problem is more often then not you will have trolls and people who don't listen.

A way to combat that is get with people on your server. And make a strong team to take it on every time. That way you can override the baddies and the trolls. And at least drop him to 50% every spawn time.