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[Episode 13](

* What's up everybody? Well another two weeks have gone by. And you know what that means? You guessed it, another content patch for our consumption. This week we have the closing events to the Queens Jubilee. I lay out this week the easy way to accomplish achievements. And discuss what I think about the humor behind this content.

* It's all pretty much straight forward. You start by doing the [Closing Ceremony]( You can watch the link or do it yourself and see. I won't spoil that for you. Events happen that lead you off into the world.

* Which believe it or not makes everyone farm and zerg. Now considering how much of a hot topic this has been. The past two weeks on the game forums. I think this is a rather trolling event. Some may think it's funny, some have already raged up the official forums. Sigh...I choose funny and you only have to do the [World Event]( 6 times in the least.

* Also you don't have to do the entire thing every hour. You just need to be present when Scarlet gets beaten. The 6th time you will need to be present to take down a Pirate Captain Champion and a Nightmare Champion. This all needed to get to the final content. Which is named "Scarlet's Funhouse" and your ultimate destination.

* Nothing funhouse about the place actually. It's just a slightly altered version of the Queen's Pavilion. You can solo this dungeon or team up. I show how to solo it in the episode. I won’t say this is the best patch addition ever. And I do believe Arena Net is having a little fun with us. With that all said and done the content is easy. So no point in wasting good achievement points 