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This week in so we are 80. We talk about prepping for the new content coming in a few hours. Also what do you guys think of the last two content updates? Has it made things better or worse for you. For me it's been a rather nice run of content for Arena Net. Some rough patches like the dungeon debacle, but fun nonetheless. A lot of permanent content is being added. Something we have yearned for. I look forward to sprinting my purple armored butt off to glory.

Side note they just gave us back items several patches in a row. I just got bad ass dragon wings. Why would I want to put on a flaming, Electric, or windy back pack lol.....Back piece over kill is happening right now I think. Giving trade skills a bone was much needed because no one even thinks about it anymore. We probably need trade skills reworked altogether. So it's not a total after thought. And just a minor stepping stone to legendaries. I can't think that a entire game system like that is boxed into just being needed for that.

So after watching the video let me know what you think. Are you amped up or dialed out at this point. Either way it's all good enjoy your day people :)