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Posted on September 17, 2013

Well my first encounter with Tequatl was rather funny. He most certainly isn't the kitten from the days before video. Here's a few things I picked up on during the fight.

1. No melee you will die a quick painful death. You can swipe once or twice but don't stand there too long.

2. I found a spot you will see in the video. I keep going back to it. I noticed it was more safe then anywhere else.

3. Organize before the fight. It seems to be on a 2 and a half to 3 hour CD. So plenty of time to get your battle plan together.

4. While we are talking about that. Make sure you have a team he solely hangs out does the turrets. And while doing the others defend them. Maybe even two teams doing that would be better. That is what did us in this attempt. Not enough people defending. No turrets means no buffs for you or debuffs for Tequatl.

5. Use whatever stability you have. Also it's hard to see,but a lot of condition damage is going around. So having removal is cool along with being careful of circles of doom on the ground.

6. Remember triggering the super cannon phase. You need to get Tequatl to 75% 50% and 25%. Don't waste time with it until then.

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