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Posted on December 29, 2012

Guardian: Soldier Alpha Build

Calc Link ... x0aMoaozbV
This is officially a work in progress. By no means is it an end all or even 100% tested. It's just an alpha build with spirit weapons an idea to kick around. It can go where ever you want it to go. Originally I made a weapon master build a few months back. It was an ok build but now things are a bit different. We are more aware of what we need to do and don't need.
Why did I make this build?
With that said here is the Guardian Soldier Alpha Build. Why is it called that because in Final Fantasy Cloud was a member of soldier. Cloud could technically somehow animate his weapons in special attacks. They never did explain how he did that but it was cool none the less. So we have the ability to do that here as well.
This build is designed to have burst some toughness and crowd control. Its flaw that you can actually easily manipulate is health. Inherently the vitality tree doesn't do much for the base core of the build. However you easily have a whopping 40 points you can put where ever you like. And still maintain the core purpose of using a build like this.
Explaining tactics
It's not a buff build and not a healing build although you will be able to heal. You have an abundance of points to figure out how. It is a tanky stylish one on one artist and actually a good farmer/pve/dungeon build. Generally you want to keep 1 spirit weapon out at a time. And you can manipulate your timers do just that. And maintain 100% uptime to have a spirit weapon out.
In pvp you may want to have both out. But that may slow down your experience as in having a cool down period where you can't have any out. So your preference will vary on how to proceed there.
The gear I would suggest is Soldier's or Knights in that order. Soldier's works well because you will need to be able to take a hit. And it provides the missing health if you choose to shy away from the honor trait line. You have a base you need for this build which is 20/0/0/0/10. Reason is you need the spirit weapons to last longer and to not break when commanded. After that you can venture into whatever you like. Me because I don't have full soldier gear lying around I went 30/0/30/0/10.
Like I said at the start its WIP an, Alpha totally just an idea to grow on. A fun one that may lead somewhere especially if Arena Net sees's this and actually says we should buff spirit weapons to be faster and smarter. (Hint Hint) Anyway that's the build have fun with it be stylish throw a little JI in there and do some combo's. Hey it's the weekend anything goes on the weekend.