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Well it's been 6 months and most of us are level 80 now. So most people are saying at this point what now? Well I consider myself a good player who doesn't have the time to do everything. That pretty much sums up a lot of people. You have the try hard and the truly gifted players who do manage it all. But everyone is faced with this question in this game once you hit 80. How you go about coming up with an answer to that is on you.
Well when I got to 80 I didn't ask what now.

I simply looked around the game subconsciously looking for a big baddie to kill. That led me to Zhaitan which sigh wasn't the big baddy I expected. So I said ok how about world bosses. That led me to every zone looking for Meta events. Knowing this game doesn't have traditional end game. It actually made it a challenge figuring out just what would be my end game. In a way, that made the game a little more engaging to figure it out. But I'm sure that would infuriate some gamers used to tradition.

Well I can't offer you traditional information on it. I can offer you a bucket list so to speak. This isn't everything or an end all. Just a little to get you started. So you're thinking about it while proceeding with what to do.