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Posted on January 8, 2013

Warning: this is just a thought I was having for a while now! I still really enjoy GW2 and this is in no way meant to degrade the game we all love to play :)

Anyways, welcome back guys!
In this new series I will discuss the current 'State of the Game'. It's a topic about how I currently feel about Guild Wars 2, and what I think are some of its stronger or weaker points.

In this episode we will be discussing the grinding that can be done in Guild Wars 2, and compare it to more conventional MMO RPG's like the big one; World of Warcraft (GW2 vs WoW - zomg!). In WoW I was always grinding, fighting or saving up for a certain thing. This could be a piece of armor, a weapon, a title or a mount - or just to finally defeat another boss because we were stuck on a particular boss for so long. I have the strange idea that this is missing in Guild Wars 2. Sure, we can grind to get our fractal level up and get the agony resistance items. We can grind for our legendary weapons, but that will take ages or insane amounts of gold, or we could get our entire achievment list and explore 100% of the world. And don't forget about SPVP, an entirely different game on its own!

The problem however is that all these things don't really grab my attention. Sure I want the star next to my name for 100% world completion, but I can more than live without it. Of course I want to complete every achievment, but it's not like that is going to make a big impact on how I play GW2 or how other people interact with me. What I am looking for is getting to, as we remember from World of Warcraft, the 'next tier'. I want my character to fight for upgrades, which are needed for new encounters, so that if you finally defeat a new boss you can say 'I really worked for that, and now he is finally down!' Or something like that....

I might just be rambling on...but what I actually want to know is how YOU think about this. Is Guild Wars 2 still entertaining enough for you, or are you secretly hoping for something more? Please let me know how you feel in the comments below!

And again, I still love GW2...don't forget that ;)

See you next time!