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Posted on September 5, 2012

Playing Guild Wars 2 we have broken up the shows into five topics. This is topic 3 - World vs World vs World PvP

Season 1 - Episode 2 - PvP or PvE?
So there is a lot of talk of "ganking" and "the risk of running into enemy players" in the PvE world which GW2 did away with. Today we explore some of the PvE-aspects of the open PvP world and how, if you want to, you can level exclusively through this rather than play the "non-gankable" PvE.

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What are topics?
What are your computerspeccs?
What server are you on?

What are topics?
Topics are a way to divide the footage from Guild Wars 2 into manageable subject-matters.
Topic 1 is SPOILER ALERT! - all about the personal story
Topic 2 is Structured PvP
Topic 3 is WvWvW PvP
Topic 4 is PvE
Topic 5 is Community Interaction and other good stuff

What are your computerspeccs?

What server are you on?