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Recorded during the BWE.
Event: Defeat the Giant Assaulting the Town of Nageling

Note About this Event:
This is most definitely a group event. I spent a lot of time with three other folks trying to attack him, but he hit too hard for us to stay up consistently. Once we had a couple more folks show up, it went a lot better. I'm pretty sure our little group was out there for about 40 min while the giant rampaged around the town. As a side note, bears take a lot of abuse.

(1) The Giant uses a frontal, targeted stomp.
(2) The Giant uses a AoE stomp that knocks back and instantly downs or nearly downs players and pets.
(3) The Giant uses a bolder toss that knocks down when hit and does a lot of damage.

General things to remember:
(1) The more people in the area, the harder and/or larger the event will be. This event will not always supply the number of enemies you see in the video.
(2) Helping other downed members helps you in the long run. You will want as many of your own bodies to throw against the bodies the enemies throw at you.

Profession being Played: Ranger
Weapons used: Longbow
Pet: Brown Bear


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