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Posted on September 1, 2012

In this instructional video, I provide a voiced walkthrough of how to achieve 100% map completion in the Wayfarer Foothills in Guild Wars 2. The Wayfarer Foothills is a 1-15 level zone located and is the starting area for the norn race.

In this video I cover the following topics:

1. How to locate all of the points of interest on the map.
2. How to unlock all of the waypoints in the zone.
3. Where to find the renowned heart quests and some tips about how to complete them.
4. How to reach and unlock all of the vistas.
5. Finding all of the skill challenges.

Table of Contents:

WP=Waypoint, Heart=Renowned Heart, PoI=Point of Interest

00:40 Horncall Waypoint (WP)
01:15 Skill Challenge #1
01:53 Hero's Moot Waypoint (WP)
02:24 Honor the Spirit of the Raven (Heart)
02:51 Heart of the Raven Point of Interest (PoI)
03:00 Vista #1
04:17 Heart of the Snow Leopard (PoI)
04:17 Honor the Spirit of the Snow Leopard (Heart)
04:48 Vista #2
05:37 Heart of the Bear (PoI)
06:00 Honor the Spirit of Bear (Heart)
06:23 Disrupt the Grawl Worship (Heart)
06:43 Skill Challenge #2
06:43 Hostra's Refuge (PoI)
07:15 Grawlenfjord Waypoint (WP)
07:30 Drakkerjorg Pit (PoI)
08:11 Honor the Spirit of Wolf (Heart)
08:11 Heart of the Wolf (PoI)
08:29 Outcast's Waypoint (WP)
08:40 Assist Grimarr Molesmasher (Heart)
08:56 Vista #3
10:18 Hirbadd's Camp (PoI)
10:34 Alpenzure Cave (PoI)
11:27 Help Bjarni Honor the Hare Spirit (Heart)
11:59 Gaerta's Summit (PoI)
12:13 Vista #4
12:48 Osenfold Waypoint (WP)
13:00 Haivoissen Kenning (PoI)
13:30 Vista #5
14:39 Frostcreek Steading (PoI)
14:53 Taigan Waypoint (WP)
15:12 Entertain and Protect the Children (Heart)
15:23 Victor's Point (PoI)
15:40 Darkriven Waypoint (WP)
16:04 Vista #6
16:50 Hermit's Watch (PoI)
16:55 Skill Challenge #3
17:37 Twinspur Haven Waypoint (WP)
17:56 Vista #7
18:40 Help the Lionguard Protect the Road Through the Icesteppes (Heart)
19:03 Help Albin Chronicler trade with the Jotun Tribe (Heart)
19:59 Vista #8
21:03 Zelechor Hot Springs Waypoint (WP)
21:15 Skill Challenge #4
21:51 Vendrake's Homestead Waypoint (WP)
21:51 Heart of Corruption (PoI)
22:18 Krennak's Homestead Waypoint (WP)
22:28 Fight the Ice Dragon's Corruption (Heart)
22:43 The Frozen Maw (PoI)
22:43 Skill Challenge #5
23:05 Skill Challenge #6
24:10 Lostvyrm Cave Waypoint (WP)
24:59 Help the Miners in their Search for Ore by Fighting the Dredge (Heart)
25:21 Edenvar Homestead (PoI)
25:40 Halvaunt Waypoint (WP)
25:55 Vista #9
26:59 Help the Lionguard at the Crossroads Haven (Heart)
27:08 Crossroads Haven Waypoint (WP)
27:32 Kevach's Homestead (PoI)
27:42 Help Lodge Keeper Kevach (Heart)
27:56 Help Maxtar Rapidstep Capture Dolyaks (Heart)
27:56 Dolyak Pass Waypoint (WP)
28:25 Challenge the Minions of Jormag the Ice Dragon (Heart)
28:44 Vista #10
29:28 Dragonblest Hold (PoI)
30:08 Skill Challenge #7
30:43 Solitude Waypoint (WP)
30:56 Warmsprings Grotto (PoI) (Footage goes black here briefly)
31:13 Skill Challenge #8
31:37 Dawnrise Waypoint (WP)

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